Open Letter to Rush

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has decided to publish an open letter to radio personality Rush Limbaugh. Here goes:

Dear Rush.

Once again your Maximum Leader feels he must write you about this whole drug kerfluffle you find yourself in. Your Maximum Leader would think that after the last time you would have learnt your lesson. This is apparently not so. For being the all-knowing maja-Rushie (or however you style yourself now - your Maximum Leader hasn’t listened to you since some time in 1994**), you are sometimes a real ignoramus.

Did you really think that the Miami-Dade police department is going to just let you waltz on through their airports without looking at your bags? Did you really think that using the General Aviation terminal and a private plane was going to reduce scrutiny on your luggage? Come on. One doesn’t have to be one-tenth as villainous as your Maximum Leader to know that Johnny Law - and local prosecutors - are gonna keep after you.

What makes the whole situation worse is that it was viagra. Freakin’ viagra. Need some female companionship did you? Need a little boost to get jiggy? Didn’t think you could bum some viagra off one of your limp-dicked buddies? Sweet mother of God you are ignorant sometimes.

Your Maximum Leader has one word of advice for you… Mule.

yours cordially,

Your Maximum Leader

There you have it readers. Sometimes you can’t save a grown man from his own hubris. But that doesn’t keep your Maximum Leader from trying.

Carry on.

** - Do you remember those comments Rush? That was when your Maximum Leader thought you crossed a line. He’s not listened to you since. You made some sort of “funny” comments about what an ugly girl Chelsea Clinton was. You know something Rush… Your Maximum Leader couldn’t care in the least what you say or call Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, or any other political figure. But calling a teenaged girl ugly, a girl who couldn’t help that her parents are public figures, was just uncalled for. It pissed your Maximum Leader off. It showed you were a nasty bully who didn’t deserve much attention.

One if free to wonder why then, if Rush is so undeserving of attention, is your Maximum Leader even writing this…

Well… Lets just say this post practically wrote itself.

Carry on.

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