Not laughing as much as planned

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader remembered a post he made back in Feb 2008 about the prospect of Barack Obama becoming President.

In a moment of unearned self-indulgence, your Maximum Leader will post a link to that old post.

Your Maximum Leader re-read the post and realized that he’s not enjoying himself as much as the thought he might. The nation is a lot more screwed up than he thought it would be in 2008.

Nope. Not laughing much at all.

Carry on.

Kevin Kim said:

When you’re just another French fry in the fryer, it’s hard to laugh at the other fries’ misfortune.

So… am I sensing a certain “revving-up” happening on this blog? Are rhetorical knives being quietly sharpened in preparation for the campaigns to come? Is this blog about to come Dem-flensing Central?

My own take on the public mood is that Obama’s guaranteed a second term unless the GOP can produce a truly viable candidate. I’m not sure that either Romney or Perry is that candidate, so it’s looking to me as if we’ve got FOUR MORE YEARS ahead of us.

I am, however, curious as to what might happen with Hillary. I had thought, back in 2008, that Hillary wouldn’t have stood a chance against any GOP candidate: she was simply too radioactive. Now, though, I’m hearing pundits talk about “buyer’s remorse” and a “nomination challenge” to Obama, but I can’t say that I’ve heard this from Hillary herself. So my questions for the Maximum Leader are these:

1. What’s the likelihood that Hillary might mount a challenge (especially given that she’s publicly rejected the idea of running for president in the past)?

2. If Hillary does decide to run, what are her chances against Obama? Can she plausibly wrest the nomination from him?

3. Has Hillary shed most of her radioactivity in the public consciousness at this point? I take it as asked-and-answered that GOP diehards still view her with hatred, but what about the moderates — the swing voters?

I reread your 2008 post, and thought it was generally spot-on in terms of predictions. You proffered a cynical outlook that was in tune with Washington’s cynical reality. The problem, though, is that the electorate, which resides mostly outside of Washington, becomes both forgiving and forgetful when it’s campaign season. I wonder how that affects the overall dynamic.

Kevin Kim said:

I wrote:

“Is this blog about to come Dem-flensing Central?”

That should be “become,” of course. Ick.

It occurs to me that I’d like to review old footage of Hillary-versus-Barack debates. I can’t, for the life of me, remember what points she made against The One back during the early phase of the campaigning.

Kevin Kim said:

And then there’s this article by Victor David Hanson, in which he writes:

“In response, the Left needs a sacrificial lamb. So it has nonsensically turned with a fury on Obama as if he were culpable for pushing through the Left’s own agenda. If Democrats do not blame the public’s anger on their once-beloved messenger, then they are left only with their message itself. And that is something they simply cannot accept. “

Is Hanson seriously claiming that Obama is losing his base? I may need to read the article more carefully; I think it more likely that VDH is claiming that Obama is losing the pundits, not the actual liberal base composed of Average Joe and Jane Liberals.

jimmy said:

i am impressed. that febuary ‘08 post was prophetic. good call.

- jimmy

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