New Blogger.

Greetings loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has further diluted the right-wing intellectual purity of his very own blog by inviting a new Minister to comment in this space. He is a long-time friend of the Minister of Agriculture and your Maximum Leader. He resides on the west coast, and is a liberal intellectual. He has a way with the ladies, and when not plying his charms on the fairer sex; he is busy exporting American culture to the world via TV and Cinema. (Your Maximum Leader will not reveal more about him, for fear that association with your Maximum Leader’s political thought could get him blacklisted.) So give a warm welcome to your Maximum Leader’s Minister of Propaganda. May you post well (but infrequently when we disagree) my Minister.

And just to give you a feel for how the interplay will go between the Minister of Agriculture and the Minister of Propaganda… Your Maximum Leader was copied on an e-mail from the M of P to the M of A concerning the M of A’s recent post about his poverty… The body of the message read:

Hey Smallholder –

You’re also ugly but whose fault is that?

It’s going to be fun.

Carry on.

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