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Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader needs to see if he has this right… We (that is to say the United States and some of our allies) have militarially intervened in Libya on behalf of a disorganized collection of “rebels” in a way that neither negates the ability of the government of Libya to attack the rebels nor has a stated goal of regime change. Other than making sure that no one has control of the air in Libya (except the US and our allies that is) there is no other military plan in place. We aren’t supplying the rebels in any way. And as best your Maximum Leader can tell… Unless there are large formations of infantry and armor near air force related command and control sites we aren’t going to attack the infantry and armor.

This is gonna turn out real well.


Real well.

Look, your Maximum Leader has for as long as he can remember been in favor of a vigorous foreign policy for the US. There can be a military component to that foreign policy. But Libya is going to be a misadventure - at best. Your Maximum Leader can’t figure out why we are intervening, except for the fact that Col. Quadaffy is a bad bad man.

We don’t plan on intervening if a similar uprising occurs in Saudi Arabia do we? How about Jordan? Are we planning on doing anything about the ongoing protests and uprising in Bahrain? (Oh… No reason to do anything in Bahrain. The Saudi army is on the job.)

If President Obama thinks that this type of intervention in Libya is going to make Republicans think more of him he is wrong. Frankly your Maximum Leader can’t see how it will make Democrats too happy with him either.

Your Maximum Leader can’t figure out what is going on with American foreign policy right now.

Even though he can’t figure out what we’re thinking we’re doing he does know one thing. The President is going to be doing a lot of apologizing to some other nation soon enough.

Carry on.

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Huck Foley, groveling minion said:

One thing that W failed at, well and truly failed at, was the critically important leadership task of selling the Iraq war to the public. It’s not a one-time deal. Wars are expensive and tiresome and the public (sad to say) can all-too-easily lose the stick-to-it-iveness that it takes to prevail in a long-term war. Roosevelt and Lincoln excelled at this; LBJ and GWB frankly sucked at it.
And this guy? Oh man, oh lordy THIS guy?
This guy starts out by alienating the very core of his own base, while earning probably zero credit from any of the independents who swung him into office last time, AND while handing unlimited rhetorical ammunition to his political adversaries. Frickin’ genius, this guy, exactly who you’d want to be in charge of something like a foreign war, eh?

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