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Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has been watching the Mets/Nats series this week. He’d been hoping to see the Nats play the role of spoiler in this NL East Pennant race. While they are still poised to do so… (Ending the season in Philly you know…) The late season surge your Maximum Leader had been enjoying seems to be petering out.

To wit this lovely Yahoo Sports headline: Mets crush Nats to keep pace with Phillies.

Your Maximum Leader forgets who wrote it (Thomas Boswell perhaps?) but earlier this year a sports commentator mentioned that the winner of the NL East will be determined by the team that beats the Nationals more frequently. So true…

Speaking of Mr Boswell… Did you Nats fans catch his column the other day about the Learners and spending money on the team? Very interesting…

Carry on.

Huck Foley, grovelling minion said:

“Latin Trans” (freeware, and worth every penny) tells me your motto off to the right, sez:
“Slaughter these. Newness in fact Master quae are her.”

I’m having my doubts about that.

It should be rendered as “Kill them all. God will know his own.” I’ve also found it rendered as “Kill them all. The Lord has known indeed, who are his.”

This comes from Abbot Arnaud who was asked during the crusades against the Cathars in France in the early 1200s what to do when the crusader army entered the city of Beziers. The military captain asked how his men were to distinguish true Catholics from Cathars. The Abbot responded thus.

Huck Foley, grovelling minion said:

Abbot Arnaud earned himself a niche in the all-time Hall of Villainy there, boy howdy. In a just or rational world, we would have been bronzed for that policy.

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