Mark the Calendar - Nov 5th

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader thinks he’s game. Game for what you ask yourself? Game to try and give the NaDruWriNi a shot. He read about NaDruWriNi over on the Ministry of Minor Perfidy.

Your Maximum Leader thinks he will try to do the whole drunk blogging on Saturday November 5th. Rules are:
1) You must tell everyone what you are drinking.

2) No post-editing is allowed. You can spell-check as you go, backspace and delete, and edit along the way, but there is to be no editing after-the-fact. First drunken drafts only.

Sounds like fun. So your Maximum Leader will give it a shot.

Did he mention they have a cool logo?


Carry on.

MoK said:

> So your Maximum Leader with give it a shot.

Or 3, or 4, or 5? Well, now, this could get eenteresting. I sh’poshz I’ll play, too. Providing the ‘mate allows it. With any luck, he’ll just say “OK, but claws off the whuskey cabinet! Getcher own!”

MoK said:

“with” give it a shot?

This oughta be fun. Can’t even quote properly. And no, I’m not shtarting early if anyone’s wondering… %-|

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