Long Weekend Over…

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader hopes that you all had a great long weekend (assuming of course that you didn’t have to toil for The Man). Over the weekend your Maximum Leader hoped to use all the free time he had loitering around the Villainschloss to write some posts to put up during the week. Alas, a sick Wee Villain and the allure of the PC game Rome: Total War pretty much killed most of his creative time.

Then again, there is the issue of his fingers. Yes, his fingers. Your Maximum Leader seems to have lost the ability to type. Thanks to the work of Mrs Lamb in high school, your Maximum Leader has been a competent typist. Not the type of serious typist you would have seen with a beehive coiff and sensible shoes in a typing pool at General Motors in the 50s or 60s mind you. But a competent typist. He has been known, when on a roll, to hit about 80 words per minute. Reasonably few errors. But honestly, thanks to the joy of word processors your Maximum Leader has been rather careless about errors.

Then, on Sunday he noticed something. He can hardly type. Indeed, just to type out this little missive is taking forever. He just can’t seem to control his fingers. Is he thinking about what his is doing too much? Has he made a slight adjustment in his posture? Has his computer become the pitcher throwing a killer sinker that your Maximum Leader just can’t pick up - but swings for anyway?

Who knows? But whatever the problem is your Maximum Leader hopes that it will pass. Perhaps he’ll pick up some book off the shelf and just try retyping it into Word to get his groove back. Sort of like being sent to the minors for rehab…


For your reading pleasure, for your Maximum Leader has been reading a bit, here are some cool links…

You know… Your Maximum Leader was just thinking that he’s not gotten a Canadian Politics update recently from our friend Skippy… Just the thought must have willed it to be so… Here tis. Does your Maximum Leader detect gruding admiration for Stephen Harpr’s political skilz in this post? Humm…

Did you catch the Hatemonger’s riff on Buffalo last week? Well… As one might expect, it has ruffled a few very large feathers. One wonders if Buffalo-born Tim Russert will leap to the defence of his hometown?

Has your Maximum Leader mentioned recently that he anxiously awaits the posting of the Velociman? He does. Anxiously. If you don’t read Velociworld you are missing… Well… You are missing out on some of the best writing out there. Just in the past few days we’ve gotten subsitute teachers, dunce caps, and cornholing and zombies.

You know something? The Velociman is a well-rounded fellow… He wrote that whole post about “cornholing” to which your Maximum Leader linked above. One wonders if he’s heard of this cornhole? Your Maximum Leader hadn’t until a few months ago… It seems to be very popular on college campuses…

And lest you think your Maximum Leader isn’t always thinking (and linking) political/current events stories….

Your Maximum Leader must agree with Mr. Holmes on the awful nature of the McCain-Feingold Law. Your Maximum Leader isn’t a big McCain fan, but in all honesty he doesn’t have the loathing for McCain that Preston does. Indeed, your Maximum Leader thinks that McCain is a pretty conservative fellow. He does hold a number of positions with which your Maximum Leader takes exception, but he doesn’t really have strong emotions one way or the other towards McCain.

Kate on Outside the Beltway points out a proposal by the Blair Government in Britain to intervene in to save children from miscreant parent before the children are born. Wow! Your Maximum Leader doesn’t know what to say. The idea is unimaginable frankly… Well not actually unimaginable since someone has gone and proposed it…

Well… This post has taken waaaaay too long to type out. So… Here it ends.

Carry on.

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