Like Buttah…

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is gonna probably hang it up for the day. He realizes after perusing some of his favorite blogs he realizes that nothing he’s got today will come close to the animaversions of others.

Need proof?

Dr Rusty is (if your Maximum Leader might channel Stuart Scott) like buttah because he’s on a roll… You should go over to The Jawa Report to learn about a nutjob who the Florida Democrats have nominated for Congress, Geneva Convention Rights for the bad guys, and (your Maximum Leader’s favourite) the best lookin’ Stormtrooper around.

Your Maximum Leader thought that Skippy’s most recent is a classic. It captures everything that we love about Skippy. Politics, sex, and self-loathing.

The Hatemongers take academics to task.


Mrs P is recollecting stories of ladies undergarment failures. (In church no less.)

Oh yes… Thanks to Buckethead your Maximum Leader now has this image stuck in his brain… Not the first image… The second…

That image almost requires a stiff drink…

Carry on.

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