King Rodrigo’s Big Day

King Rodrigo looked upon his mighty host. His knights glinted in the sun. His peasant levies & archers stood in ordered rows. They had new shields, new polearms and pikes.

The king gazed across the field. King Ferdinand’s knight’s armor looked dull and tried. No colorful pennants snapped in the breeze. Ferdinand’s levies stood together in loose bands and looked dirty.

Years of peace in Rodrigo’s demesne allowed him to stockpile arms, supplies and money. Ferdinand fought many wars over the years. It was time to dispatch Ferdinand.

Bloody battle ensued.


Ah..demesne. “Demesne, boss! Demesne!”

One of my favorite words.

Back in law school, our property course started out with a long and detailed history of the evolution of Medieval English land usage laws. Fiefdoms and entailing and socage and the like.

The course was taught by an avowed Marxist, who quite plainly didn’t believe in any of it. I used to savor the irony.

I like the word a lot too. I first came across it in a fantasy novel I read as a youth. Then it popped up again in grad school in a seminar that dealt a little with Medieval Kingship.

Another of my fav words that I don’t use often: plinth.

Is this one of those fairy tales that end with the side with traits you value winning? Are we tuning in for the conclusion? I sometimes enjoy reading Herr D’s, too.

Hello HD. Indeed. You may read it however you like. I don’t think there will be a follow-up to this tale.

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