Holiday Greetings

President Bush broke the law when he authorized the NSA to easedrop on the phone conversations of American citizens without a warrant. Just in case anyone was unclear on this point.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



God, I hate him so

phin said:

Who the MoP?
There’s no need to hate him.
He’s relatively harmless.

Unless you’re a drunken Mormon girl, and then if you turn your back on him you’re screwed.

Happy New Year and a Chillin’ Kwanzaa!!!

Kevin Kim said:

Skippy the conservative Canuck would seem to agree with the MoP.

Check it out here:

(I wish these comments would allow HTML)


Russell said:

Except that you are wrong.


Kevin Kim said:

I’m the kind of person who likes to consider both sides of an issue before making up my mind. To this end, I find long, well-written, well-conceived arguments a great help in figuring out what the issues are. Thank you, Russell, for presenting an argument on par with Skippy’s– an argument I’m sure you read in detail before crafting that civil, profound, point-by-point rejoinder.


Brian B said:

Ummm… Maybe I missed some hidden text in the original post — exactly which point of MoP’s did Russell fail to address?

Kevin Kim said:


I was assuming his “you” meant either me or Skippy, since I’d mentioned Skippy’s post. I may have ben wrong to assume that. If his “you” was referring to the MoP, then the MoP will have to deal with him.


BrianB said:


It seemed obvious to me that he was addressing MoP, just looking at the style of the comment: in particular, the way he ended it with the word “facts”, in contrast with MoP’s “believe”.

Kevin Kim said:


That whole thing confused me. The MoP’s “Believe” is an imperative with proper punctuation. “Facts” is unpunctuated and it’s difficult to tell how it’s meant, just floating there in unpunctuated limbo. But yeah, I see your point: it could have been intended as mocking symmetry. If so, then alas, it was poorly done.



What? What’s going on here? Did I miss something?

Kevin Kim said:

Nothing substantive.


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