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Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has read a few things today that just beg to be linked.

First off… There is Eric’s peice about wild dogs. An excerpt:

… They truly were a menace…. having crossed that fine line that resides in the hearts of all beasts, they eagerly let civilization’s grip slip away and descended towards their more primal selves….

It is very good. Read it.

In a completely different vein, you should read the Taki piece that is linked by Wing Commander Seal. Your Maximum Leader is al for dictatorial style. Of course, his own personal style is a little retro - bejeweled floppy caps and all. But he has admired the style of Horthy, Peron, and Franco…

If you have a few minutes, and it will take a few minutes, you really need to read the piece in the LA Times about the discovery of a new Archimedes text under forgeries, prayers, and eraser marks. It is a fascinating read… And it isn’t every day you get to read the word “palimpest” in a news article…

Carry on.

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