Heartless Pt 2

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader thanks those of you who read and commented on the Heartless post below. (NB to Bobgrrl: Your Maximum Leader had no idea that SoCal was the PCP capital of the USA. Neither did he know that PCP has some sort of retro-chic going for it…)


It appears as though federal prosecutors in Chicago are going after the gang that seems to be, get a load of this, MARKETING, it tainted heroin. Yes folks. Marketing the heroin.

Now call your Maximum Leader a little crazy (or naive) on this count, but he had no idea that drug gangs engaged in full-out marketing campaigns of their products. One would think that the product (and its desired affects) would market themselves. One might also think that given the illicit nature of the sale, one wouldn’t shop around to a) find the best stuff or b) find a deal. Really now, if your typical heroin addict new that just down the street there was some other pusher offering wholesale prices on his junk wouldn’t he just find the deal?

Anyho… The gang in question is marketing its tainted heroin as “Max Pain,” “Lethal Injection,” “Fear Factor,” “Drop Dead” and “Final Call.” Again, perhaps your Maximum Leader is crazy (or naive), but none of these product names do anything to intice him to buy. As catchy as he finds “Max Pain” that product sounds more like something your Maximum Leader would like to inflict on some terrorist than himself. And frankly, doesn’t “Lethal Injection” sound a little too much like the death penalty to want to inject it into your own arm…

Anyho… 200 dead so far from the tainted stuff. 70 in the Chicagoland area alone. It’s a start…

Carry on.

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bobgirrl said:

That would be central Cal, darling.

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