Got $ Burning Hole in Your Pocket?

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader went over to his Cafe Press store and added two new items. He also added a logo for the store. (A logo which is really nothing to write home about - but Loyal Minion Sadie will recognize it as a very early prototype for a new blog header… Can’t let these things go to waste…) He also added a store description. He will reproduce it here:

Welcome to the on-line store. Shop with reckless abandon while you are here. And know that wearing official Naked Villainy apparel is good for you. Scientific studies have shown that weekly wearing of Naked Villainy apparel will increase testosterone production in men and increase women’s cup size by a full letter. Our studies also lead us to believe that the typical Naked Villainy apparel wearer is both smarter and more attractive than the average person. So think of your purchase as a step down the road to self improvement.

Damn. If that doesn’t motivate you to buy something what the hell will?

Now start down the road of self improvement.

Carry on.

sadie said:

Heh. You said ‘prototype.’

Brian B said:

What mean this thing, “Money,” of which you speak?

/New Father

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