Gone squishy?

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has received a few (okay two) comments wondering if, after his last post, he’s gone squishy. (Or gone “wobbly” as Margaret Thatcher would say.) He fears his post that started with Arlen Specter and ended on ideological purity might be misinterpreted.

First off… As the post title said, your Maximum Leader isn’t crying over Arlen’s loss of seniority. He deserved it. But your Maximum Leader wonders if the move does hamper the Dems ability to woo the other “moderate” Republicans in the Senate.

Secondly… Your Maximum Leader believes that there is a role for moderates in both parties. The role is to moderate the extremes that are out there on both sides. The loss of a key Republican moderate diminishes the relative power of the Republican party in the Senate, and it feeds the continuing news cycle on the demise of the Republican party.

Speaking of the demise of the Republican party… Don’t buy flowers for the grave yet. It seems to your Maximum Leader that in 2002 the news cycle was lamenting the demise of the Democrat party. The worm turns friends. Both parties go acendent and decendent. The worm will turn again.

So, your Maximum Leader’s concern about losing Arlen Specter is linked to his belief that losing moderates will make the cycle of decline go longer than it needs to. This is speculation only. There is no scientific way of predicting these things…

Don’t fear your Maximum Leader going squishy on you. He’s just trying to think a little long term; and trying to cut down on some of the excessive celebration at Arlen’s departure.

Carry on.

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I don’t think you’ve gone squishy from where you’re standing: physically right in the midst of the political culture. It’s to be expected that you value the usually useful moderate ground. I’m just not so sure there’s much use for it in the practical sense anymore.

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