Friday Link Dump!

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader’s mind is awash in cascading nodes of thought.

But he shall not blog a vaugely original thought right now. Instead he shall dump links! Woo hoo.

(Your Maximum Leader knows that Naked Villainy readers are really just waiting with bated breath to hear how CSI:Batesville turns out. Or since it is a trial we’re waiting to hear about are we really into the second half hour of Law & Order: Porcine Victim’s Unit?)

Anyhoo… On with the links!

First off… The funny links…

Go see the You Tube of Wilford Brimley on Big Stupid Tommy’s site. He wonders if a Concerned Fan has seen the video.

Your Maximum Leader isn’t sure how in all the hub-ub about Pluto being dropped back to the Minor League of Planets he missed Congressman Murtha’s call to withdraw from the International Astronomical Union. Many thanks to The Colossus for drawing our attention to this one.

Leave them behind. They deserve it. Nigel deserves nothing less than being left behind.

Now the serious links…

You know something loyal reader… Dr Rusty and his compatriots at the Jawa Report really do their best to keep you informed of the situation with western hostages and the continuing war against islamofacists. You should read his latest on the Steve Centanni situation. A situation which seems to be getting very little air time actually…

Very little air time compared to that sicko Karr and the whole stinking Ramsey Murder thing.

Your Maximum Leader had thought of doing a whole separate post about the Ramsey Murder thing, but he’s just decided to pour his invective into this post.

Let your Maximum Leader tell you a thing or two. First off… About 10 years ago he was sick to death of the whole Jon Benet murder story. After a few days it became apparent to your Maximum Leader that this case would never be solved. He wasn’t sure it was the parents, but at most levels he didn’t care who did it. That is a horrible thing to say, but your Maximum Leader was so disgusted over the level of coverage that it made him actually lose any feelings of sdness or pity he had towards anyone involved in the case. Sure it is a horrible thing for a child to be horrifically murdered. But at some point you have to move on.

Then you get this sicko John Mark Karr. Your Maximum Leader would like to see him dragged out in front of the Boulder Courthouse, publicly sodomized by some big angry convict, then shot in the head. Leave his body there to bloat in the sun and rot for a while.

Your Maximum Leader doesn’t actually care or know if Karr committed the crime. Your Maximum Leader thinks that anyone who confesses publicly to a captial crime before speaking (with their attorney) to the prosecutor involved should be dragged out and shot. He doesn’t really care at all if they did the crime. He doesn’t care if the people confessing have “problems” and need “help.” Your Maximum Leader will posit for you all that all the “help” these people need is actually a .45 slug to the back of the head.

If 20 people publicly confess to the same crime, before speaking (with their attorney) to the prosecutor involved in the case, then we shoot 20 people in the head. We leave the case open until the last of the confessors comes forward.

Regardless… Your Maximum Leader is sick of the whole story. There are more important issues before us than who murdered a little girl.

Sad to say… But its true.

Now your Maximum Leader’s invective have drained him of the ability to continue the link dump. Damn that guy Karr… Now there is another reason to shoot you.

Carry on.

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