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I can’t wait until tomorrow.

Here is a snippit to hold you over.

I saw this in yesterday’s Washington Post and busted my ample gut.

We have been discussing intelligent design both within this blog and with some of our blogosphere friends.

Here is an example of another place where we ought to “teach the controversy.”

I know the Foreign Minister, our resident Piratophile, will be pleased to learn that pirates have been scientifically demonstrated to be the root of global warming.

UPDATE FROM YOUR MAXIMUM LEADER: Your Maximum Leader is all offended. Why? Because it seems as though the Smallholder doesn’t carefully read your Maximum Leader’s posts. At the very least he doesn’t click through on the links.

Really? You say.

Yes. Really. Says your Maximum Leader.

How does he know?

He knows because careful reading minions knew about the Flying Spaghetti Monster from your Maximum Leader nearly a month ago. Be careful lest you be touched by the noodly appendage…

Thanks again to Ted and Buckethead.

Carry on.


Okay, that is hilarious. Nicely linked, and welcome back.

And The Word Was Al Dente. And It Was Good.

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster reveals The Truth, thus once and for all putting an end to the endless bickering among Creationists, ID’ers and Evolutionists. And the FSM went before them by day in a pillar of…

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