Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader, as long time readers know, is very fond of pigs. In his mind, after the dog, they are the greatest domesticated animal.

But pigs are only so domesticated. They live with a thin veneer of domesticity over their wild feral cores. You drop a piglet in the woods and in a few days you have a wild, dangerous, feral hog. Perhaps that element, when added to just how damn tasty they are, makes the pig a source of contemplation and admiration on the part of your Maximum Leader.

Wild hogs are a growing problem in agricultural areas of the US. Particularly in the South. From time to time your Maximum Leader stumbles over a good piece about the wild hog, or even a wild boar. Here is a sample of one for your reading pleasure:

He uses the chase dogs with good noses to find and pursue the hogs. Once a hog is cornered, Payne releases two bulldog-mix hounds that rush to the source of the baying chase hounds and hold the hog as Payne steps in and kills the pig, thrusting a heavy knife blade between the ribs and into the pig’s heart.

Want more? Here is the whole article.

Carry on.

phin said:

Yeah, that guy’s nuts.
N-V-T-S Nuts.

Bet the pig is tasty though.

Kevin Kim said:

I appreciate the Old Testament sense of justice that resonates in the journalist’s prose:

“The first hog’s death is as merciless as all the deaths it has dealt to newborn calves, baby goats and tiny fawns.”


“The killing of the sow is significant for Ivy. A healthy sow can produce an additional 16 piglets a year. This one will only produce pork chops.”

Gotta love them Texans.


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