Episcopal Inquisition

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is hoping he isn’t going to have to get the boyz together for an improptu rescue mission…

” Of what is my Maximum Leader speaking?” you are likely asking yourself. Well, if you were keeping tabs on Robbo; you would know that the resident “bad boy” of the Llamabutchers is being hauled in front of his local “Cardinal Fang” and being made to talk.

If things go badly Robbo can call his Maximum Leader for a rescue mission. Your Maximum Leader and the Smallholder will swoop down on the unsuspecting Episcopalians with guns a-blazing (in the case of your Maximum Leader) or brandishing a very pointy pitchfork (in the case of the Smallholder) and save him from the clutches of those vestry members who will poke him with the comfy pillows or force him to answer the dreaded question. Cake or death?

Robbo… Your Maximum Leader is here if you need him.

Carry on.

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