Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader hopes that you all had a Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah. Your Maximum Leader had a fine time. He got a video game for the PC (Total War: Shogun 2) and “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.” Sadly your Maximum Leader has not devoted too much time to either. He’s done a few of the tutorials for battles and such on the game. He hopes to spend a little more time playing this coming weekend.

As for the movie… Your Maximum Leader has watched about half of it. Then events conspired to keep him from finishing the film. So far, James Franco’s performance is flat. John Lithgow is great. Frieda Pinto is beautiful but her character is underdeveloped. And Ceasar (the ape) is awesome. Your Maximum Leader hopes to finish the film one night this week.

Continuing to pull a play from FLG’s book… Your Maximum Leader is listening to the album version of this song:

Here’s a question… Would you consider the above linked song (Will Hoge’s “Too Old To Die Young”) a rock song or a country song? Your Maximum Leader heard it for the first time on Elizabeth Cook’s show on Outlaw Country on Sirius/XM. But when he bought it on iTunes it was listed as Rock. He played it for Villainette #1 who said it sounded sort of like rock. Mrs Villain says country…

The taxomony problem in music is sometimes aggrevating. If only we could have a musical Aristotle or Linneaus who could conclusively answer these vexing problems for us…

Another vexing problem… Roast beef… Your Maximum Leader overbought standing rib roast for Christmas dinner. (He thought he would have more dinner guests than he did…) So he put a whole 3 rib roast in the freezer and still has just less than 2 ribs worth of Christmas dinner remaining. (He cooked a very robust 4 rib roast on Christmas.) He’s been eating roast beef at every meal since Sunday night. Not that he’s complaining mind you… (Not exactly anyway…) But it seems as though his family decided to eat other things starting yesterday. So last night for dinner it was your Maximum Leader feasting on roast beast, warmed over Yorkshire pudding, green beans and salad while his family had hot (fresh) rolls, salad and soup. Your Maximum Leader can’t imagine passing up roast beef that is just sitting in the fridge! (NB: Your Maximum Leader suggested to Mrs Villain that he cook the frozen roast for New Years, but she’s put the kybosh on that.)

Since we will not be having roast for New Year’s… Your Maximum Leader isn’t sure what he’ll be eating over the weekend.

He can hope for ham…

Carry on.

Kevin Kim said:

Can you season up the roast beast, toss it with your favorite cheese, add whatever vegetables you desire, grill up some baguettes (or something), and have a variant of a cheesesteak? (Or go the au jus route and have a variant of a French dip?)

Indeed I could make it into a sandwich. Even better, I could just slice it up with some grilled onions and put it between two slices of Yorkshire pudding!

Angusbull said:

Top Round or a Rump is “Roast Beast” A full Standing Rib is nothing short of heaven on a platter and should not be confused with lesser meals!

miriam said:

Can you re-heat Yorkshire pudding? I never thought you could

Kevin Kim said:

Mike, I don’t recall you ever serving your Yorkshire pudding quite like this. Wish you did.

Kevin Kim said:

1/1/12: RABBIT. (Or very soon: DRAGON, as we’re leaving the Year of the Rabbit.)

Angus: Point taken. Standing rib roast is pretty close to heaven on a plate.

Miriam: You *can* warm up Yorkshire pudding. But it is never all that good. It is just a blob of starch on your plate to absorb gravy and meat juices. In a side note, my 7 year old son thinks that it is better the next day. But he is young and doesn’t know things…

In case you all are interested… I did slice up some of the roast beef, heat it in gravy with some cooked onions, and then did eat it between two slabs of warmed over pudding. If I’d put it on real bread it would have been better…

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