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Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader will share something with you all. When he is not fixating on chickas wrestling in pudding, or getting rained on, our Loyal Minion Phin is a pretty smart fellow. To wit, Phin’s recent post on Peaches. (NB to readers: notice how the posts on chickas and pudding get comments, but the ones on the economic affects of illegal immigration don’t. )


Your Maximum Leader believes, like Phin, that the net impact of illegal immigration is a positive one for the US. We all enjoy (literally) the fruits of the labors of illegals. Cheap produce is the most tangible benefit to Americans of our porous border. Additionally, your Maximum Leader and Phin agree that the costs of illegal immigration is rather low compared to the benefit.

But where your Maximum Leader will differ from Phin (ever so slightly) is about where the costs of illegal immigration are borne. The cost of illegals in the US is disproportionately borne by states like California, Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. So, your Maximum Leader (in Virginia) is not impacted (much) by the cost of supporting illegal immigrants; but he benefits from their labor.

Your Maximum Leader believes (hopes) that members of the President’s economic team recognize the varying impact of illegals.

So… A few thousand National Guardsmen will help patrol the border while we beef up the Border Patrol. As your Maximum Leader said yesterday, it is a start. Of course he said this before the Smallholder decided to wake from his manure-enduced stupor and post about the factors that drive Mexicans to cross the border.

Your Maximum Leader will restate, he’s never favored a wall along the whole border. He thinks that in particular areas along the border walls might be effective in reducing easy passage of illegals in urban and suburban areas. But along the vast expanse of border a wall isn’t going to be a practical solution.

Frankly, n solution is foolproof. Well… The one foolproof solution is barbed wire fences, guard towers with machine guns, and minefields. But it hasn’t come to that. Plus, all those Princess Diana adherents get all worked up about minefields. So do the environmentalist types. (Mines harm migratory animals you know.) And in all honesty there are few people who would approve of machine-gunning illegals as they cross the line.

So short of mines, machine guns and barbed wire, we can only hope to reduce the flow of illegals. If we can cut the number from 400,000 a year to 100,000, or to 50,000, or lower; it would be a step forward. We need to work towards cutting the flow of illegals.

Up to this point, your Maximum Leader has kept his comments pretty much to the vast majority of illegals who are seeking employment in the US. But there are the narco-smugglers and terrorists who exploit our porous borders. A friend of your Maximum Leader is a Special Agent in Charge of the FBI. He is being moved from our area to a border state. His job will be to try and stop the narco-terrorists (as he once called them) from moving back and forth at will across the border. No easy task. But one that must be done nonetheless.

An open border policy is too great a risk to do nothing. Up to this point we’ve effectively done nothing. The upsurge of popular anger at this situation has prompted action. Action that must be harnessed and made into a cogent policy that starts to close our open borders.

Carry on.

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phin said:

Dearest Maximum Leader,
’tis great to see how great minds think alike, and even the Smallholder.

Amazing how the mention of boobages gets all kinds of reader participation and something that affects us all gets relatively zero response. Not sure whether that’s good or bad.

Here’s a link you may be interested in, with tons of documentation about the economic benefit of immigration:

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