Down the ballot items VA edition - Pt 2 (and an error)

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader knows that you all are anxiously waiting to know how the three Constitutional amendment proposals in Virginia fared on Election Day. You will recall that your Maximum Leader opined on these three items a little while ago in this post.

Well, all three items passed. You can see the unofficial results here. Your Maximum Leader wasn’t surprised by this outcome. He can’t imagine that many people over the age of 65 who imagined that they might benefit in some way from the first item (concerning allowing localities to set guidelines for people over age 65 to get property tax exemptions) would vote against the item. It passed with 76% of the vote.

Your Maximum Leader was a little surprised that the question on the “rainy day fund” was rather close. It passed with 51% of the vote. Your Maximum Leader isn’t sure what message to take away from that one. People like having a rainy day fund, but they prefer a small one to a big one? That seems to be the only message to take away.


What is up with you people? Really. What is up?

You don’t know of what your Maximum Leader is blogging do you?

No idea…

Well let him tell you…

Not one of you picked up the unforgivable historical error your Maximum Leader made in his earlier “Down the ballot items VA edition” post. Your Maximum Leader realized he’d made a mistake the day after he posted the piece. He thought of correcting it right away, but then decided to leave it to see if any one of a few readers would mention it. Not a peep.

Come on people… The Virginia Declaration of Rights wasn’t written by Thomas Jefferson! It was written by George Mason! Admittedly it is an easy mistake to make. In Virginia history if you need to know who did something your safe battery of answers are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, James Madison, Robert E. Lee and “the Union Army.” George Mason should be in that short list, but he is often left off. Your Maximum Leader apologizes for his error and will now make the correction.

Carry on.

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