Don’t trust the GPS

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader sees that a Norweigian tourist was shot in a slum of Rio De Janerio recently. Why? Because he followed the directions given to him by his rental car’s GPS navigation system. According to Reuters:

The tourists were returning from the beach resort of Buzios about three hours north of Rio Saturday when they got lost, Brazil’s Globo TV and several newspapers reported.

They reportedly told police their Global Positioning System (GPS) system recommended they turn off a main highway as the quickest route back to the airport to drop off the rental car. But the suggested route took them deep into the Mare slum complex, where their rented car quickly came under fire.

No motive for the attack was given, and no arrests were made.

Killingtveit managed to drive the car to safety despite being wounded. He told family members in Norway that he probably went astray because of a fault in the GPS, Norwegian daily Dagbladet reported.

Your Maximum Leader wonders if the system was a TomTom or a Garmin… This piece reminds your Maximum Leader of why he doesn’t trust these GPS thingies…

Carry on.

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Robbo said:

Articles like this convince me that Skynet is just testing out the system. When it’s ready to strike, it’s going to simultaneously send every single GPS-guided vehicle into an ambush.

And as they expire under the withering cross-fire, I hope those drivers so slavishly beholden to these things remember that I told them so.

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