Disarmed by Religion

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has been reading up on some of his favorite blogs recently. He’s not kept up with things like he wants to. For instance, your Maximum Leader didn’t know that Pamela had vlogged in a wet bikini, nor did he know who the hell Jacqueline Mackie Paisley Passey was.

But he did know that if he went over to Tacitus he’d find something good. And sure enough he did. You should cruise over and read this post. The money quote:

In warring with a religion, decades of secularism have left us utterly disarmed. We are trained to think of faith as either irrelevant or benign: and when it is undeniably malign, we ascribe its malignancy to “fundamentalism,” which is (in direct negation of the meaning of the word) somehow separable or diversionary from the fundamentals of the faith in question.

Damn Tacitus for summing up on one line the concept that your Maximum Leader has been batting around in his brain for weeks.

As your Maximum Leader has written before, he is not sure that the great majority of Muslims throughout the world wouldn’t just as soon kill an American (or Israeli, or Brit, or Aussie) as say hello to one. Your Maximum Leader has (in good post-modern Western fashion) tried and tried to ascribe the malignant elements of Islam to a small and somehow backwards, sect or splinter group. But under some scrutiny, those ssignations dissolve under closer examination. It is quite discouraging really.

This discouragement your Maximum Leader feels when he contemplates the vastness of the problems with Islam is made worse when he then contemplates that a shrinking majority of Americans (and Westerners) seem willing to break with their self-destructive pacifism (or variants of pacifism) to defend themselves in a conflict that will end with one side broken and discarded.

There is probably a longer epistle needed on this subject. But this will do for now…

Carry on.

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