Churchill Bust Returned

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader reads on Joan’s site that the bust of Winston Churchill loaned to the United States by the UK and displayed in the Oval Office under President Bush has been returned to the British by President Obama. (BTW, your Maximum Leader also voted in Joan’s poll.)

This makes your Maximum Leader sad, but what really do we expect. Our new president is making a break with the past. That includes office furnishings. According to the various linked pieces, Churchill has been replaced with Abraham Lincoln. Your Maximum Leader has no problem with replacing Churchill for Lincoln in the Oval Office. But it seems as though this whole exchange has been handled badly. It also seems from the tone and tenor of the articles that the diplomatic community is all atwitter at what the return of the bust might actually “mean.”

Your Maximum Leader, for his part, thinks that this whole (very minor) incident means nothing more than Obama’s people don’t know how to do things in a way that don’t upset our allies and friends.

Carry on.


I wish I had you good luck charm
and you had a doo-wacka-doo…

I can’t bring myself to be quite so sunny about it; not while our troops are serving with theirs.

I wish I had a doo-wacka-doo. (At least I think I do. I’m not really sure what a doo-wacka-doo is…)

I have, perhaps been a little blase about it. I don’t want to give the impression of being “sunny.” I am shocked and disheartened by the action. I believe that Obama wanted Lincoln in the Oval Office and didn’t want a second bust. So someone (ignorant of how these things work) just figured out that the bust belongs to the Brits and since we aren’t using it… We’ll just send it back.

This is one (of what will be many I’m sure) little missteps than one hopes will be learning experiences… Then again… They might not…

Also… Why is no one bitching about the president taking the weekend off in Chicago? I can only imagine what the outcry would be if “President McCain” had taken a long weekend in Arizona after a month on the job…

It’s an old Roger Moore song:

I hear tell you’re doing well
Good things’ve come to you
I wish I had your good luck charm
And you hadda doo-wacka-doo
wacka-doo, wackka-doo, waccka-doo, wackka-do.

Which of course was followed by his inimitable flourishes.

You’re most likely correct about the onset of the situation. Just shows to go you that you shouldn’t elect amateurs with no sense of decorum or protocol. In other words, idiots.

Erp! Roger MILLER. heh.

Damn. I was getting worked up to hear what excactly Roger Moore’s singing voice would be like…

I also should get my mind out of the gutter, because I was coming to an untoward conclusion about what a doo-wacka-doo was…

As for the bust, I would have hoped that someone would have called a senior permenant staff person over at the State Dept (or protoccol office) and asked what to do before just doing it.

Of course, I’d have liked to just picked up the bust myself and kept it. Since, you know, the President isn’t using it.

I’d even trade my current Churchill bust for the one they gave back…

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