Chip off the ole block?

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader was wondering…

Would our friend “Fear and Loathing in Georgetown’s” impending child be “Discomfort and Distain in Arlington?”

Just curious.

Carry on.

Update: Thanks to Robbo for more suggestions: “Apprehension and Antipathy in Alexandria;” “Concern and Contempt in Clarendon;” and “Misapprehension and Malevolence in McLean.” All excellent choices… And more orginal than “Miss FLG.”

Fear and Loathing in Georgetown said:

I hadn’t thought about that, but too late to change now.

She’s Miss FLG.

Robbo said:

How about:

“Apprehension and Antipathy in Alexandria”

“Concern and Contempt in Clarendon”

“Misapprehension and Malevolence in McLean”

Oh, the sky’s the limit!

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