Celeb crushes as insight?

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader uses a customized My Yahoo page as his home page. Of course, you - the loyal reader - might have already noticed this as your Maximum Leader often finds articles to link from the Yahoo feeds of the various news wire services. Your Maximum Leader wonders if his use of the Yahoo page classifies him as a fossil? It seems so 1996… Humm… 1996/7 might have been the year that your Maximum Leader first customized his Yahoo page… Gawd…


From time to time Yahoo dishes up a piece that your Maximum Leader wouldn’t ordinarially click through and read, but for some reason this title caught his attention: What His Celeb Crush Says About Him. Your Maximum Leader admits his reasons for clicking on the link were purely salacious. He was hoping to catch a candid photo of some attractive female celeb. Specifically, he was hoping to catch a photo of the dreamy Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Well… Was he disappointed when he finally read through and read the article? Yes he was. Having a “crush” on Angelina Jolie may mean that a man likes: “a do-gooder woman who also isn’t afraid to show a bit of a wild streak. It’s the reason why Jolie tops so many men’s wish lists: They want the woman who is good, but not too good. And the woman who is sultry, but not too sultry.” Great Jeezey Creezey! What mindless tripe that is. We all know that Angelina Jolie was positively nutty prior to her determining to be a mom. Marrying Billy Bob, wearing blood, “cutting” herself. All signs of being crazy. Now that she is a mom she is a do-gooder. Has Angelina done anything wacky recently? And by wacky your Maximum Leader isn’t talking about joining the Council on Foreign Relations so she could pick Henry Kissinger’s brain on the crisis in the Sudan. Nope… She hasn’t.

All in all the piece was just sad. It didn’t even attempt to offer any insight as to why a man (like your Maximum Leader) might have a “crush” on the dreamy Jennifer Love Hewitt. Since it didn’t, allow your Maximum Leader to offer some insight. If your Maximum Leader has a “crush” on the dreamy Jennifer Love Hewitt it may mean that he likes young attractive women who seem to have a sense of modesty (in that they will not pose nekkid in some magazine) yet still are sexy. It may mean that he likes women who seem “grounded” and “real” and not all completely caught up in Hollywood.

Then again… It may mean nothing…

Carry on.

Mrs. Peperium said:

It may mean something simple. Like you like fake boobs.

I think, but cannot confirm, that hers are real. Even if they aren’t - let a guy dream a little please…

Mrs. Peperium said:

Ok, ok, as long as they are proper dreams which in the case of the object or, shall we say objects, of your affections, will require all the imagination and stamina you posess…

Maxy, now I must own up that you have stoked my curiousity by mentioning that you wear seersucker. I had never thought of you as a wearer of the seersucker eventhough you are a most Southern gentlemen, (overlooking your affection for Miss Love-Hewitt naturally). Please post your photos with some of your seersucker sartorial historying , please. I love to read about men who wear seersucker. Always have as it’s one of my weaknesses…

You don’t own ballet slippers do you? Ballet slippers is my quaint name (given to me by what I thought was a most proper shoe salesmen the day I was required to take a suitor shopping to properly kit him out for a black tie.) for my all-time favorite men’s shoe. Most refer to them as Opera Pumps.

Your fondness for Miss Love-Hewitt’s attributes, could mean you fancy some parts the ladies of the Opera have been granted by nature….

I will gladly post a photo of myself in the seersucker. I have a draft post for your benefit actually which is just awaiting a photo to be added.

I do not have ballet slippers/opera pumps. At least I don’t believe I have a pair. I have some shiny black patent leather shoes for my tuxedos, but I don’t believe that what I have is what you are asking about. I am not a knowledgable man when it comes to footwear. (Indeed, another blogger - Annika of Annika’s Journal - once did a whole tutorial post for my benefit as I didn’t know women’s shoes at all.)

My shoe collection is rather slim compared to others. (At least I suppose it is rather slim.) I’ve got two pairs of sneakers/workout/walking shoes. I have a pair of boat shoes, two pairs of brown leather lace up shoes, one pair of black leather lace up shoes, a pair of cordovan loafers, a pair of black loafters, some (aforementioned) patent-leather shoes for my tuxedos, a pair of hiking boots, and a pair of saddle shoes. That is about it. (Actually, there is no “about” this - that the whole list.) Many of these shoes are quite old in fact. We have a good cobbler in town who keeps fixing them when they wear out.

As for the dreamy Miss Hewitt… I can state that my affinity for Miss Hewitt has been (mostly) pure. I must also note that I find Miss Hewitt to be blessed with a fair countenance and proper feminine figure which I find aesthetically pleasing.

Mrs. Peperium said:

Maxy, you need to go shopping. Most men, I have noticed believe that bucs are just the thing for seersucker. And indeed, there certainly is an undeniable charm attached to bucs with seersucker. But bucs with seersucker is a look more suited for young men. As a man ages, so should his depth of understanding concerning his sartorial choices. After bucs, most men would gravitate to the Spectator, which is, I believe, what you refer to as your ’saddle shoes’. Again, a man in Spectators and seersucker is a sight to behold. But Maxy, you are a fellow who can take it, sartorially speaking, to the next level. And by doing so, you will at once show the world you know of what you wear.

It has been my long held belief the best shoe to wear with a fabric worn during summer months only, is a shoe that evolved from the humble sandal; the monkstrap.

May I suggest The Mortimer monstrap:


They say, to quote Luigi from ‘Cars’ the movie, “love me” in a way few other shoes can, don’t they?

Now, because you are also a fellow who can color outside the box, the times you want to feel a bit lighter in your loafers, so to speak, when wearing your seersucker, these tassels would be a splendid choice:


There is one caution about the wearing of tassels you must heed : Abstain from visiting bars of low repute while wearing them. It has never failed that when I whenever I wore a pair of tasseled loafers into a bar of low repute, I always emerged without my tassles. In hingsight, it was most fortunate that it was only my tassels that I lost. May you be as fortunate.

Mrs. P.

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