Carriers vunerable - still

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader started writing this post last week. Last week before he fell into his routine of watching “Scrubs” re-runs and going to be early. He decided to just slap it up here and see if it sticks…

Did you catch the headline off the Bloomberg News service? The one that reads: “Navy lacks plan to defend against “Carrier-destroying” missle.” The Russians have had the “Sizzler” missle for a number of years and have offered it for sale to the Chinese and possibly the Iranians. The missile, it is speculated, may foil the US Navy’s Aegis system. The Aegis system is the Navy’s current defense system against missile attack. According to the article:

Charts prepared by the Navy for a February 2005 briefing for defense contractors said the Sizzler, which is also called the SS-N-27B, starts out flying at subsonic speeds. Within 10 nautical miles of its target, a rocket-propelled warhead separates and accelerates to three times the speed of sound, flying no more than 10 meters (33 feet) above sea level.

On final approach, the missile “has the potential to perform very high defensive maneuvers,” including sharp-angled dodges, the Office of Naval Intelligence said in a manual on worldwide maritime threats.

The Sizzler is “unique,” the Defense Science Board, an independent agency within the Pentagon that provides assessments of major defense issues, said in an October 2005 report. Most anti-ship cruise missiles fly below the speed of sound and on a straight path, making them easier to track and target

Now, your Maximum Leader is not a rocket scientist (although he knows one or two); but even he can tell this is a very serious threat to US naval strength around the world. A supersonic missle that doesn’t fly straight is a potent (and reasonably inexpensive) deterrent to anyone who might want to thwart US foreign policy.

Of course, it is not comforting to know that the Navy has been aware of the threat for 6 years and doesn’t seem to have made a lot of progress is countering the threat posed by the Sizzler. Your Maximum Leader doesn’t doubt for a moment that the Navy (and the good people at Lockheed Martin - makers of the Aegis system) will figure out something they can do to try and neutralize this threat. But your Maximum Leader is not so naive to think that any system is foolproof. Certainly in the interim, the acquisition of a number of these missiles by Iran would have a chilling effect on US operations in the Persian Gulf.

By the way, did your Maximum Leader mention that the USS Stennis and USS Eisenhower battle groups are in the Persian Gulf now? No… Well they are.

Carry on.

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Dan Patterson said:

An attack on a major asset will not result in an alloyed political left and right, joined to fight the enemy. No, and please don’t dwell in fantasies of WW II patriotic fervor and mighty industrial output because we are embarassed by a deficiency of each. With today’s sense of isolation and fear of harming the self-esteem of our enemy, the result will be a loss of life and material unparalleled in modern conflict, and a hasty retreat unparalleled in modern conflict. Tyranny will have won over liberty, the treasure of the US Navy (or of whichever arm of the military is targeted) will be lost in vain and the popular blame will rest on the heads of the moss-backs who were hobbled in their proper efforts to counter aggression by belligerent powers.

And what movement is really to blame for the loss? Not the enemy, really, they only do what all enemies do: strike hard when it is least expected where it is least expected. No, the blame lies in our unpreparedness and our foolish refusal to learn from history. A proper question should be posed at that realization: Why is that?

Because we modern men in public society fear our women more than we fear defeat by the enemy.

Not our military, they are a separate class of citizenry. And not the pockets of resistance-fighters found in eddy-pools off the beaten path. Many of us might consider ourselves such resistance-fighters and we likely harbor a belief that we are really the majority. No, we are not.

The great middle of America, the guys who cannot tolerate conflict and dislike criticism, the guys who pretend to like soccer, the 30 year-old boys who did not have fathers to guide them into adulthood, are the majority. The same clowns who, when aged a bit, are often found in HR departments and as middle school principles prattling on about the dangers of competition, the value of compromise, and the need for inclusive mission statements. These are the people who cannot make a decision, who cannot voice the intuitive understanding that there really is a right and wrong, a good and an evil. The adult children who prefer not to profess moral beliefs and rather than believe in something Godly believe in anything secular. Collective, not individual, rights. Light beer and the designated hitter, to be a little lighter about it.

These poor souls are desparate for female attention and so want to get laid that they sacrifice their manhood to be included in the love-nest. Included yes, but only as valets and house-boys. Don’t want to upset the princess, now do we? Can’t make waves, and ‘Don’t be such an opinionated loud-mouth’, over time are as effective an emasculation as a scalpel. No one is head of the household and there is no argument about what we watch on TV; it’s the Lifetime Network and Oprah.

No wonder the interests of the country are clouded by propaganda and ill-reasoned arguments. No wonder that the men of the country can’t stand on their own two feet–nobody ever taught them. And no wonder the once strapping men of the nation are holding their wive’s purses at the mall. There is precious little to counter with when the queen bee was raised on “I’d Like To Teach the World to Sing”, and commitee is favored over leadership, or it’s “Off with his head”.

Our enemy does not hold such dangerous beliefs. He will bide his time and take any opportunity that puts his foot on your neck and his di** in your women. Is that what we want, or deserve? Keep up this little fantasy of world power and the value of resting on laurels and that is precisely what we will get. The SS-N-27B is just the beginning.

Dan Patterson
Arrogant Infidel

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