Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has been falling down on the job of bringing you all interesting stories from overseas places that one might not ordinarially read about. He had hoped to do more commentary on the wider world over last year, but didn’t really.

He will have to say that this story is worth commenting upon. It seems the military junta controlling Burma has decided to pack up shop and move to a new (and yet unfinished) capital city. No longer will the wonderfully foreign sounding “Rangoon” be the capital of Burma. The new capital city is (so far) called Pyinmana. Your Maximum Leader says that it is “so far” called Pyinmana because the actual location of the new capital is about 20 miles away from the city/town of Pyinmana. Your Maximum Leader suspects that once the move is completely finalized the junta will start calling their new city something else.

One wonders if foreign governments will move their embassies from Rangoon to Pyinmana. Your Maximum Leader certainly hopes not. Being stationed in Rangoon (diplomatically speaking) has a certain ring to it don’t you think? <start upper-crust British accent> Question: “So Roderick, where are you stationed ole boy?” Answer: “Rangoon ole chap. I believe that is a tropical station you know. I’ll be sure to pack my linen jacket.” </end upper-crust British accent>

Well… One hopes that Rangoon will not suffer as a result of this move. The country has seen enough suffing as it is. Moving the capital from the one place in Burma that people can think of to some remote wasteland is one silly move made by some silly dictators. Then again, Brasilia is a big success isn’t it? Really now, no one ever goes to Rio de Janerio now that the capital has moved…

Carry on.


Sounds like the goons have pharaonic ambitions

You know Jeff, that is an angle I hadn’t thought of. If the junta start building pyramids in the jungles of Burma it might help their unemployment troubles…

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