Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has the writers block. Apparently a rather bad case of it in fact. He thought he’d be able to crank out some good stuff when he had some free time over the past few days. Alas, his little brain isn’t working the way he’d hoped.

Last Friday night your Maximum Leader slept. Then on Saturday he spend the day with Mrs Villain going to Farmvegas, VA for the dual purpose of buying a new living room sofa and chairs and meeting at his Alma Mater (your Maximum Leader volunteered to serve on the class reunion committee). Then Sunday was spent watching football. Yesterday was Villainette #1’s birthday. And your Maximum Leader apparently has nothing to say about anything.

Hey how about that Fred Thompson you might ask? “Eh?” would be your Maximum Leader’s reply.

What does my Maximum Leader think about the Petraeus testimony before Congress you might inquire? “Eh.” would be your Maximum Leader’s reply.

Your Maximum Leader apparently has caught a bad case of bleh. Perhaps this posting will act as something of a mental exorcism. Perhaps declaring that you have nothing about which you can write will somehow magically liberate your mind and fingers and open the creative floodgates. Then again… Perhaps not.

Your Maximum Leader sent Smallholder some new login information so that he could post something. But he is busy with the beginning of school and farm stuff…

Perhaps it is the furniture shopping that did it? Perhaps it is the NFL that has sapped his creative energies? If your Maximum Leader could somehow show that he lost his ability to blog after watching the NFL kickoff on Thursday could he sue the league for damages? (Even better, could you sue for damages because you aren’t getting blog content from your Maximum Leader?) The NFL would likely settle the case for a few grand at least. Your Maximum Leader could then use the money on some over-indulgent sinfest that would likely be the genesis of a post or two… Perhaps that is the strategery your Maximum Leader should employ… Sue the NFL and try to get a settlement… (Of course, blogging about your plan is a sure-fire way to ruin the plan…)

Anyhow… When your Maximum Leader has something to blog about… He will…

Until then…

Carry on.

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