Ben Domenech Resigns From WaPo

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has a little egg on his face. But just a little.

It seems as though Ben Domenech has resigned from his new blog at the Washington Post. He has resigned because of accusations of plagiarism which appear to be true. This is a sad turn for Ben, but a sad turn of his own making. Your Maximum Leader agrees with how this has shaken out.

Your Maximum Leader stands by his original post’s contention that one shouldn’t be forced to resign from an op/ed position because one’s views are regarded by many as undesireable. But one should be fired or forced to resign for plagiarizing the work of others.

The best coverage of this has been over on Dan Riehl’s site. Start here. Then move to here, here and here.

Carry on.

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Brian B said:

What bothers me is that this will be taken as vindication of the attacks on him for his beliefs as much as for his plagiarism.

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