For a brief moment there was a shining ray of hope that we’d see a Cubs / RedSox world series. But reality came crashing down.

In Chicago, the poor fan did nothing wrong. The Cubs were still up 3-0 after the incident. They just choked. A Championship team wouldn’t have taken a dive like that. It’s almost as if they were looking for an excuse to lose. I hope Dusty Baker can pull something out in game 7, but I don’t think he will.

In the AL, the RedSox gooned it up in typical Boston style, taking a page from the 70s Bruins. But, like most goony teams, Pedro, Manny and the boys found out that gooning it up only works if you back it up with stellar play. 25+ years later, Hockey is still resonating from this aspect of the championship squads of the Bruins and the Flyers. IMHO these teams won cups not because they were brutes, but because they were also the best teams in that era. I still hope the Sox can pull it out, but only because I dislike the Yankees more.

The Sox-Yankees series shows how defective the whole DH thing is. If Pedro had to bat, would he go beaning Yankees, knowing that Clemens could also take his head off? It introduces accountability, which is universaly a good thing.

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