Baby Einstein? No, I’ve Got Baby Cato

I love to play blocks with my sixteen-month old daughter. Sometimes she helps me complete my architectural masterpieces by clumsily sitting a new piece atop the structure. Her motor control doesnvvt yet rival Jackie Chan, so I have to hold the lower part of the structure so it wonvvt collapse. After the piece is in place, she looks at me triumphantly, as if to say: vv Look out Eero Saarinen — therevvs a new sheriff in town!vvp

At other times, she isnvvt interested in building. She toddles over, a pint-sized Godzilla, stretches both arms waaaaaaay back, and then pounces on the structure, knocking the components of my finely crafted tower helter-skelter. She doesnvvt talk yet, but I just know what she is thinking:

vv Carthago Delenda Est!vvp

This is simply more proof that she will grow up to be an inspiring orator and leader of men.

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