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Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader (as you are certainly tired of hearing) is still having PC problems so his posting has been infrequent. He has also been watching lots of TV recently. That is generally a bad thing, but he’s been watching mostly baseball, football, The Sarah Conner Chronicles, Burn Notice and True Blood. Between TV and family, he’s been neglecting you all - his reason for blogging… So… To bring things up to date… Here is some short pithy commentary for you…

Saw the President on Tee Vee last night. He still can’t deliver a speech worth a damn. But he gave a fine (short) rationale for what he wants to see done. No major complaints on that.

McCain suspending campaign to work on economy. Think it is a bad idea in general. Too easy to cast as partisan and desperate move. Presidents should multi-task. But it does show that McCain is serious in his beliefs about “putting country first.” He should (at least) keep ads on the TV.

Bailout package… Very complex issue. Need to do something to get credit moving again. Probably should find way to buy up non-performing financial instruments. Just the ones that aren’t performing - not the ones that are “sub-prime” or could prove to be non-performing. Buying assets (mortgage backed securities) and holding them seems like a reasonable solution as the assets will presumably be more valuable in future. Your Maximum Leader suspects that some closer oversight (ie: regulation) of investment banks is going to have to be done in future.

Postpone the Presidential debate on Friday? Bad move. Later in season makes gaffes harder to recover from. Just do it and get this party started. Your Maximum Leader overheard someone in coffee shop yesterday say “Isn’t this election gonna be over really soon? I can’t stand much more.” Ditto that.

Obama and Biden will be holding a rally in Fredericksburg this weekend - Saturday afternoon… Your Maximum Leader might actually go and see them. Emphasis on the “might.” He might choose to stay in the Villainschloss bitterly clinging to his guns and faith.

Nats gonna lose 100 games. Damnation.

Mets gonna blow playoffs? Likely. Cheering.

Packers will (likely) win the NFC North and make the playoffs. Cheering.

Sex robots? Why… Yes please… Make mine a Sophia Loren (circa 1960) model… Or a Jennifer Love Hewitt (circa 2005) model… Humm… One wonders how the licensing would work for that?

Get your flu shots. Don’t be a statistic.

Be afraid… Chinese in space…

Please keep your pants on. The doughnuts will be right out.

Your Maximum Leader knows lots of people will mock this story about Sarah Palin recieving a blessing against witchcraft. Hell… You know… Your Maximum Leader will accept whatever blessings you choose to bestow on him. Just to be clear, he might think some things you might bless him for could be silly… But he’ll accept the blessings in the spirit in which they were given. Perhaps we could all stand to be a little more grateful…

Just to be clear… Your unstinting loyalty to your Maximum Leader is also appreciated. (Potentially silly) blessings notwithstanding.

Carry on.

maggie said:

Max. L., despite his own statement to the contrary, McCain ads are still to be found running on TV in Florida. Still searching for other states with the same stuff.

I don’t doubt that some ads are still running. I’m sure it takes time to pull things from the schedule, and stations are likely trying to run all the ones already paid for. I suspect that we’ll see the ads off in a few days.

Provided, of course, that a deal isn’t reached real quickly.

Fear and Loathing in Georgetown said:

Perhaps you might want to consider Melissa Theuriau as a fembot model.

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