Anna Nicole Smith - RIP

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is sure that by now you have heard of the passing of Anna Nicole Smith. Your Maximum Leader, humanitarian that he is, wondered immediately about Smith’s infant daughter and what would happen to her. Whatever it is, it is surely not going to be pleasant.

Although it might seem churlish, it would seem as though Smith’s story is at an end. You may recall that once while guest blogging over at Agent Bedhead’s site, your Maximum Leader wrote a cautionary tale about Smith and the dreamy Jennifer Love Hewitt. In that post your Maximum Leader wrote:

What does the future hold for Anna Nicole Smith? Well, it doesn‚Äö?Ñ?¥t appear to hold money from J. Howard Marshall. Our white trash heroine picked an idiot lawyer and seems to have lost all her cash. Anna’s weight is down and she has resumed respectable modeling. But we all know that the greased pole, disco lights, and overpriced watered-down drinks are just a fifth of Southern Comfort and a few pills away. She may yet return to her trailer park roots…

Apparently the trailer park is not in her future any more… Who’d have thought then that Anna Nicole would have appealed her court case to the Supreme Court of the United States - and won. Who could have predicted her son’s death at age 20? And now, her own death. Sad really…

All of this is just sad…

But before too long it will make a great TV movie.

Carry on.

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