Adversion to adverse possession

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is outraged (again) by the state of property rights in our great nation. This time the news comes from Colorado (a western state that your Maximum Leader usually associates with having a strong tradition of property rights). Apparently a local judge in Boulder took a shine to an empty lot next to his home. The lot was owned by neighbors across the street. The local judge walked on the land from time to time and might have thrown some parties on the land… Next thing you know… He is taking it for himself.

Read the whole story here.

Your Maximum Leader thanks Bluto over at the Jawa Report for the link.

Remember folks… You can donate to the Castle Coalition (sponsored by the Institute for Justice) to help in the legal battles against eminent domain abuse.

Carry on.

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bobgirrl said:

There’s a cemetery here in the Bay Area that is probably going to end up using Eminent Domain to get to houses so they can expand their driveway. Driveway!

Here’s the article:

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