A tale of two interviews.

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has now heard a whole day’s worth of commentary on Bill Clinton’s fit directed towards Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. Now after seeing the interview that is in the news, and listening (but not watching - podcast afterall) to President Clinton’s interview with Tim Russert on Meet The Press; you Maximum Leader will give you all a little dose of his thoughts on this.

You see… The Russert interview is the type of interview the Former President wants, nay expects. The Wallace interview, well.. It should suffice to say that President Clinton doesn’t like that type of interview at all.

The Russert interview of Meet The Press was lackluster. In fact, your Maximum Leader will just go ahead and assert a few things about Tim Russert and Meet The Press. First off, Russert is a pretty good interviewer and a generally astute person. Secondly, your Maximum Leader almost always likes Russert - even when he is trying to lay the wood to someone of whom your Maximum Leader thinks highly. Thirdly, Russert always seems to lose it when the interviewee is The President of the United States of America. When your Maximum Leader says ‘lose it’ he means that Russert doesn’t ask the hard questions. Russert becomes a polite but not obsequious interviewer. Your Maximum Leader believes that this is because Tim Russert is one of the few American Journalists who actually respects The Office. Yes. Tim Russert respects the dignity of the Office of the The President of the United States of America. And to respect the dignity of the Office means that you must respect the dignity of the Officeholder. You know something readers… Your Maximum Leader, were he to meet Bill Clinton, even now that he is no longer President; he would likely be pretty respectful. Regardless of what your Maximum Leader might write here or say privately, Bill Clinton is entitled to a bit of deference in person. He was afterall the President of the United States of America. Lastly… Russert should never be allowed to interview a President of the US of A.

So… Russert lobs softballs to Clinton on Meet The Press. (Frankly, your Maximum Leader thought that Russert lobbed softballs at Bush hen they spoke a few years ago…) Russert serves up the slow pitches, and Clinton - raspy voice and all - knocks ‘em out of the park.

So… When Clinton goes to talk to Chris Wallace, Mr Clinton expects softballs. Mr. Clinton, instead, gets a hardball. Why didn’t you, Mr. President, kill Osama Bin-Laden when you had the chance?

We all have seen what ensued. Clinton jabbing the finger. Clinton’s eyes bulging. Clinton loosing his cool. It wasn’t pretty. Bill Clinton’s emotions got the better of him. They have before. We all know that. We’ve heard the stories. But we rarely get to see the real thing. We certainly did on Sunday (or Monday - if you just wanted to see the reporting on it).

Your Maximum Leader had planned on making a lengthly analysis of where Clinton was wrong on his record. But, the earlier bird catches the worm. And Skippy was the early bird - this story was the worm. Frankly, your Maximum Leader isn’t sure why you are reading this when you should be reading Skippy’s take on this. Your Maximum Leader pretty much agrees with Skippy down the line.

What we saw on Sunday was Bill Clinton not liking the feel of the cold hand of history on his story. Bill Clinton acted as he thought the situation needed at the time. In retrospect, that reaction (an overly legalistic one) was a bad move. There is nothing Bill Clinton can do now but wait to see how he’s written up as history moves his administration further back in time.

Carry on.

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