25 Years Ago

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader sees that a number of news outlets and bloggers are writing about what they were doing 25 years ago today when Ronald Reagan was shot.

Your Maximum Leader remembers what he was doing. He was in an after-school clarinet lesson. He was trying to improve his skills (which by the way never did improve) at that instrument (which by the way his sainted father plays very well) when a teacher stuck her head in the doorway and said, “My God! Have you heard? Reagan has been shot. Someone says he’s died.” At that point the music teacher asked us to stop what we were doing and have a moment of silent prayer for the President. After our silent prayer, we put our instruments away and went home to watch the news.

Your Maximum Leader likes to think that his prayers, and the prayers of millions of others, helped Reagan that day. The world is better because of him.

Just in case you might want to read a golden oldie on Reagan & your Maximum Leader, he presents for you a link to your Maximum Leader’s recollection of his 1 minute with Ronald Reagan. Which was posted right after Reagan died in 2004.

Carry on.

Jim said:

Sheesh, I may still have been in diapers when that happened. At the very least, I was too young to remember it happening, except in video clips that I saw years later.

Brian B said:

Dammit, you just made get misty. And at work. Thanks a lot!

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