20 November 1759 - Quiberon Bay

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is reminded that today is the 249th anniversary of the Battle of Quiberon Bay.

Quiberon Bay was unfamiliar to your Maximum Leader until he visited the National Maritime Museum on one of his visits to the UK. At the time he liked the name. Quiberon Bay. It sort of flows off the tounge. (As so much French does.) Indeed, your Maximum Leader likes the name so much, he bought the URL. If one day your Maximum Leader gets a large sailing yacht he will name it “Quiberon Bay” in honor of the battle. (NB: if he buys a big fancy speedboat he’ll name it “Wilde Celt” but that is a tale for another day.)

So… 249 years ago on this day Admiral Sir Edward Hawke’s fleet of 23 ships of the line defeated The Count of Conflan’s fleet of 21 ships of the line in Quiberon Bay. Quiberon Bay was the decisive naval battle of the Seven Years war.

To read more about the battle you can check out the following links:

The Royal Navy site’s blurb on the battle.

Robbo’s Happy Birthday post for Admiral Sir Edward Hawke.

And of course the Wiki page for the Battle of Quiberon Bay.

Carry on.

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Eric said:

… it is always an education to drop by here…… Quiberon Bay, indeed…… rock on, sir….

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