100 Below: Philosophy Class

Dr. Howard K. Smith, PhD (Philosophy, Harvard, ’72) groaned audibly. He hated his Department Chair. The Chair had placed that filthy little slut in his class intentionally. It would drive him mad. She’d taken her first test. He now had to grade it. He opened the examination booklet and read the first line.

“I don’t think that someone’s mind should have a problem with their body. I mean we all know that our jeans control how our body looks anyway.”

Dr. Smith then, for the first time in years, prayed to a God he doubted existed for strength.

Mrs. Peperium said:

Tell me Maxy, how did you manage to get the goods on Brooke Shields’ days at Princeton?

You know, I didn’t think of her at all when I wrote this… But it does work.

Did Brook Shields go to Princeton? I thought she was Columbia or Yale…

Mrs. Peperium said:

She went to Princeton. Graduated too. So did that guy that played the new Superman about a dozen years ago.

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