100 Below: A vision of a Tarantino/Kurasawa scene

The ronin grimaced and planted his sword in the ground. The Lord’s party was certain he was exhausted. The ronin had sent 10 peasant spearmen and two samurai to the void. The lieutenant of the Lord’s guard approached.

The ronin raised his open palm, then he pulled his penis from his pants and proceeded to pee.

“Look at my powerful stream!” he yelled. “It goes further than any of yours, you fucks!”

The Lord’s party was shocked.

When he was finished the ronin got his sword and waived in the lieutenant of the guard.

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Kevin Kim said:

I’m simultaneously reminded of the crazy officer at the beginning of “Dances with Wolves” (”I’ve pissed in my pants, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it” — or something like that), and the prose of James Clavell, who often used the term “void” (空) in that same sense.

I never quite understood Clavell’s usage: the Chinese character “gong” does indeed mean, variously, “void,” “vacuity,” “vanity” (in the Ecclesiastes/Lao-tzu “all is vanity” sense), and “emptiness,” but as a metaphysical concept, it’s intimately associated with Buddhism (空 = sunyata = emptiness), and wouldn’t have referred to a place to which people go when they die, as if “gong” meant “netherworld.” In Buddhism, all phenomena already participate in emptiness by lacking permanence and/or aseity (being-in-itselfness, if you will).

Then again, folk beliefs often trump dry metaphysics. Perhaps the Japanese warriors of the day had their own idiosyncratic beliefs about what comes after this life. Clavell knew a hell of a lot about Japan, so perhaps I should cut him some slack.

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