100 Below

Sheriff Rogers scratched his balding head.

This was an odd case.

“And there is n sign of the driver?”

“As I said, officer, all I found was the truck, in our pasture, with our cows in the back. Who knows where the driver went.”

Sheriff Rogers thanked the farmwife for her time. No one had reported a stolen truck. And where had the rustlers gone? He scratched his balding head. He was definitely missing something.

He put the squad car and gear and rolled down the driveway.

The pigs lolled happily in the morning sun.


Moral of the story: be sure to kill the farmer and his wife before rustling cows.

Or is that not the point you wanted to make?

Bill said:

Pigs would be handy in today’s world of blame and persecute the victim. With a burglar, you wouldn’t even have to call the law.

Well done.

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