Lost my hat

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has been spending his free time fixing up the Villainschloss, being a dad to his offspring and watching hockey playoffs.

Last night he was at Game 2 of the Capitals/Penguins contest.

All he can say is “wow.” What a game. Sure he got quite aggrevated because it seemed as though the refs were determined not to call the Penguins for anything… But that aside your Maximum Leader saw something he’d never seen (in person) in nearly 30 years of watching hockey.

He’d never seen a playoff hat trick in person. Now he has seen two. Alex Ovechkin scored three. So did Sidney Crosby. To be perfectly honest your Maximum Leader didn’t realize that Crosby had scored a hat trick until he was in the Villainmobile heading back home. He was (wrongly) under the impression that another Pens player scored their second goal. At the time he couldn’t seen the action clearly on the ice and he couldn’t hear the announcement over the crowd noise.

The Caps, although up 2-0 in the series, haven’t looked like the better team on the ice. They allow too many turnovers and too many unscreened shots on goal. The Caps have been getting the lucky breaks as well as benefiting from a rookie goalie who has been playing way above expectations.

Your Maximum Leader, like the players, needs a day off from hockey to recouperate his voice and get ready for the next game.

Carry on.

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