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Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader stayed up late last night to watch the Tonight Show on NBC. The reason for this. To watch the BigHominid’s friend, Thomas St. John, perform his Human Body Shot in a bit called “Does this Impress Ed Asner?”.

Lucky for your Maximum Leader, the segment was early in the show. Asner was introduced and looked sharp in his (not rented) tuxedo. Asner said he didn’t want to be impressed but titillated.

The first person on the segment was a Czech immigrant from Chicago. He played a piece using two trumpets, a pan flute made of Heiniken bottles, and cowbells. (Gotta have more cowbell!) He was okay. Your Maximum Leader was most impressed by the man playing two trumpets at the same time.

The second guest was an 8 year old girl who can blech like a champion. Her belches were louder and carried better than do your Maximum Leader’s. She was most impressive. And she was sooooo teriffically cute too. You just didn’t expect a huge belch coming out of such a slight little girl.

Then came Mr. St. John. He performed his human body shot. He took loose skin around his elbow and formed it into a small hollow. Then rum and coke were poured into the hollow. Then he drank it through a short straw. The mass of skin and forming it into the “shotglass” was pretty impressive.

Asner proclaimed that Tom “titillated” him.

Good show, ole boy! Good show!

Your Maximum Leader would have only changed one thing. When Leno asked Tom what he missed about the US, Tom (honestly) responded “Shopping.” That was sort of a metrosexual moment in an otherwise sort of manly exercise. He should have said something lecherous like “Blonde women with big boobs.”

But it is a family program… Sorta…

Carry on.

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