Smallholder Still MIA

But if anyone cares, you can see me getting schooled by a neoconfederate over in the comments at Skippy’s casa.

Skippy, I apologize for threadjacking and feeding the trolls.


Hey, thanks for the imput, my friend.

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten 73 comments from a single sentence before. It’s interesting and informative.

Now I’ll go back to writing about Lindsay Lohan’s naked knockers and get no comments whatsover. Unless I can somehow implicate her in the Civil War….

Well, if you argued that Lindsay Lohan’s knockers were the true cause of the Civil War you’d have just as much evidence to support that assertion as Mook.

Huck Foley, thread-derailer said:

Lindsay Lohan as a latter-day Anne-Margaret = Way Hot.
Lindsay as the 314th post-mortem Marilyn wannabee = NotSoMuch.
Huck posting this invidious comparison here instead of on Skippy’s blog = inexplicable.

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