Random Friday Observations

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader will share with you a number of random Friday thoughts and observations.

First, another revision and correction. A good friend and frequent reader e-mailed your Maximum Leader to take issue with another assertion made in his blogged IM conversation. (Who’da thunk that one IM conversation would generate two re-statments/clarifications/outright retractions.) This friend is a delightful, witty and fun (sorta single) woman. She is also quite attractive. She showers regularly. She waxes her legs, shaves her underarms, brushes and styles her hair and keeps impecable care of her physcial person. Now she informs me (via e-mail) that she aligns herself with the Green Party. Egads! Last time your Maximum Leader checked she was a liberal-progressive Democrat. Ah well… Plus ça change… you know. So it seems your Maximum Leader knows at least one Greenie gel who doesn’t have hairy pits, doesn’t reek of sweat, and is not in need of a shower.

NB to Howard Dean: Your Maximum Leader’s friend is not the type of person you want removing herself from your little (and growing littler) party.

Secondly, your Maximum Leader went by the local coffee house in town after lunch to get an iced Chai and chanced upon a thoroughly disreputable looking young man who was wearing a bright white t-shirt that read: “Wildly inaccurate… But fast as hell.” The phrase made your Maximum Leader chuckle. It’s not the same as the Mighty Buckethead’s “Heteful, Talentless, war-mongering, trailer trash… But it was a funny t-shirt.

By the way… Your Maximum Leader, it should not surprise you, is very mighty. Now! Go! Buy a Naked Villainy t-shirt.

Thirdly, your Maximum Leader was listening to his iPod through the Villainmobile radio today while driving about town. At one point he realized he must have had the volume up a little bit too high. You see, he felt a vibration in his leg that he thought was his cellular phone ringing on the vibrate mode… Turns out it was just the bass of the stereo causing the contents of his pocket to shake around.

Fourthly, your Maximum Leader is looking forward to dinner tonight… Grilled Delmonicos, mashed taters, and asparagus with hollandaise… Yum-my!

Carry on.

Eric said:

… fine, fine… I’ll buy a shirt tomorrow…. but YOU need a SWG bbq apron….

bobgirrl said:

So in other words, your car was going boom.

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