Not in good mood

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader thought he had some pithy comments to weave into a post this morning. But he can’t think of a one of them. He’s had to deal with complete blathering idiots all morning and his blood pressure is so elevated he can hardly see straight.

Posting will have to wait a few hours.

At least.

Peruse the blogroll. Give some readership to the other quality blogs found there. Come back later. Your Maximum Leader might be in a better mood then.

Carry on.

phin said:

Last time I got pissed at the ignorant beyatches I work with I tried the breathing techniques the midwife taught the missus in child birthing classes. They didn’t work.

So I took my next que from how the missus behaved in the delivery room and started ranting, stringing together obstinacies and throwing anything I could get my hands on. Remarkably my stress level decreased, along with the sources of stress fleeing my office.

Perhaps the tossing of a dwarf is being called for?

Mo said:

Have ya seen the “Lazy Muncie” vid? It might help.
Shameful plug here:

(Also, how timely, your mention of Favre ;)

Mo said:

Shame”less”, even.

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