Governor Arh-nold, name calling, etc.

Greetings loyal minons. Your Maximum Leader is pleased that the California Recall election is now finished. While it provided hours and hours and hours of entertainment for him, it is good to put behind us. Why? Too much electoral shenanigans would eventually grow tired and would cause people to return to their normal disaffected-by-politics selves. While millions of diaffected voters are just what your Maximum Leader wants to start the MWO, my plans do not call for beginning world domination just yet…

So what are my parting thoughts on the recall? Well, I do believe that Arh-nold will be better than Jesse Ventura. While it appears as though Governor-Elect Arh-nold is trying to move quickly to form a transition team, there are serious problems in California that are unlikely to be solved if the Democratically controlled state legislature doesn’t try to work with their cyborg-enhanced Governor-to-be. The budget will be vexing to say the least. I am not familiar enough with the intricacies of the California budget to say that spending cuts alone will do it. But I am confident that spending cuts will go a long way towards getting the state where it wants to be. Additionally, repealing some of the silly laws driving work out of California should act as a long-term booster. Above all, Arh-nold has to show that he has a level-headed plan and is willing to try and work with the legislature. If my predictions are correct he will be met with a number of very upset legislators who don’t want to compromise. In that case, Arh-nold should be on TV night and day and take his case to the people. Demonstrate how he is trying to be reasonable, but is being thwarted by the Democrats who are unwilling to accept the udgement of the people.


Has it gotten so bad that we are reduced to bickering over for which baseball team a candidate roots? Frankly, your Maximum Leader is a Braves fan. (But, he would be willing to entertain the possibility of swtiching his backing to a NL team based in the Washington DC area.) So, as far as I am concerned the real story is the Braves choking (yet again) after clinching their 5 millionth Division title in a row. (But that story was reported about 4 million Division titles ago.) As it stands now, your Maximum Leader would like to see a Cubs v. Red Sox World Series. Why exactly? (Especially since Mrs. Villain has - historically - liked the Yankess. Or should I say, the New York Yankees - brought to you by Lucifer and the denizens of the ninth circle of hell.) I would like to see a Cubbies v. Red Sox World Series because there will have to be a winner and there will have to be a loser. For the winner, it will be the lifting of a “curse” and there will be rioting the likes of which will make the residents of Watts sit up and take notice. For the loser, the loss will be that much more painful, and the “curse” will survive another season. (And frankly the riots in the losing city will be worse than the riots in the winning city.)

In other news, aides say Arafat hasn’t had a heart attack. Too bad really.

It seems men really are children. At least German men…

More proof that British scientists are bored. Or just really into useless science.

Maryland’s First Lady learns it is bad to cross Britney. Unless “cross” means kiss her at the MTV Music Video Awards show…

Elvis’ guns cause stir in Britain. I wonder if there are any other guns going to other British museums? And if there are, are they causing a stir too?

Only two more days until Kill Bill Volume One opens. Uma… Lucy… Sword fights… I can hardly stop the drool….

Once again, check out the Big Hominid’s artwork. A great addition to the home or office.

And with that…

Carry on.

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