Duty done.

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader, as he promised to do last week, did vote for Hillary Clinton today in the “Potomac Primary.” Or did he vote in the “Cheasapeake Primary?” The most confusing thing about this week is trying to figure out which moniker any particular news outlet will use in describing this day.

Your Maximum Leader was a little hard pressed to vote for Hillary. Even the thought of voting for her in a primary caused a touch of nausea in your Maximum Leader. The task was made harder when your Maximum Leader happened to run into two friends earlier. These friends are well connected Republicans who inquired of your Maximum Leader if he would be casting his primary vote for Mike Huckabee. (These friends sided for Huckabee very early on, and have been organizing for him constantly.) Since this little encounter took place in the local coffee house your Maximum Leader was going to see if he could parley his primary vote into a big Chai Tea… But in the end his promise to you, his loyal readers, kept him on his task. He let his friends know that he was not going to vote for Huckabee. They asked if he was voting for McCain, again he said no. They let the matter drop. They probably thought that your Maximum Leader was going to vote for Ron Paul. Or perhaps write in Steve Forbes. (Ah… How 1996 is that? Steve Forbes…)

So he went to the polling place and declared (only in front of the Election Board people - since he was the only voter at that point) that he would vote in the Democratic primary. One woman, whom your Maximum Leader thinks was a Republican observer on-site and may have recognized him, gave him a glance. If he didn’t know better, your Maximum Leader thinks she might have known that there was a very conservative snake in the Democratic hen-house.


Your Maximum Leader voted for Hillary. This is the only time in his life that he has pulled the proverbial switch for a Clinton. He never voted for Bill. He never thought he’d vote for Hillary. But there you have it. Tis done. Your Maximum Leader has done his part here in the Old Dominion to revive Hillary’s flagging campaign.

Now your Maximum Leader will revert back to his typical conservative self.

Carry on.

Card's wife said:

Maxy, I still think McCain has a better chance of betting Obama than Hillary. When it comes down to it, people will want the experience that Obama lacks.

The Maximum Leader said:

My very dear Card’s wife,

I am not sure I agree with you on this point. I believe that “people” would rather “feel good” about their vote for “change” than give weight to experience. I believe this (and some help from Ross Perot) is what won the White House for Bill Clinton. Change - nebulous and undefined change - allows a weary voter to believe whatever the heck they want to believe when they cast their vote. Obama will have the change market cornered. It is a stupid way to vote, but it is how many votes will be cast.

And thanks for the comment. It is nice to know that I still have readers…

Card's wife said:

The voter profile for Obama is made up of more exclusive groups than Hillary’s. Obama draws the youth vote, which never comes through. He is also big with the Democrat’s intellectual elite, which is a small group (living mostly within a few feet of Harvard). Really, his only big draw is the African-American vote. None of these groups ever vote Republican in any event.

Hillary, on the other hand, draws heavily from less educated working folks and the broad, white middle class. These are groups that Republicans must draw heavily from (and have in the past) if they are to win in November. And, of course, there’s the woman vote, it crosses most demographics and makes up over 50% of the population. It is a larger natural constituency for Hillary than African-Americans are for Obama. It may not be as solid for her as Obama’s is for him, but it is so vast that it really doesn’t have to be.

Anyway, while I agree with a lot of your thinking about the lure of “change,” I just think the numbers add up to the change element working better for Obama in the Democratic primaries than it would in the general. Come November, I’m afraid Hillary will have the numbers that are more difficult to deal with. Hopefully, she won’t make it that far.

Card's wife said:

What do you mean “It is nice to know I still have readers…”

You know you have me and Mrs. P…what more do you need? In fact, I’d be over there now but Mrs. P has Mr. P going commando. Some things should just be left up to one’s imagination.

Smallholder said:


Fifty years from now, we’ll be sitting in the nursing home drooling on ourselves and I’ll drop my cane, feebly raise my palsied hand and thrust a liver-spotted finger at your colostomy bag and cackle: “This dumb sumbitch voted for Clinton!”

That said, in the district I served as an election official, seven different people came in and announced that they were Republicans but were going to vote for Hillary because she could be beaten. This accounted for a good chunk of the 47 votes she received that night. Obama got 107. And there were more young ‘uns then I had ever seen before coming out to vote.

Barring the disclosure of pictures of Obama sacrficing a goat to Allah, he’s our next president.

My Liege,

Did you need to scour yourself with steel wool after voting. Christ, if I put myself through something like that, I’d immediately check myself into a rape crisis center or something.

Photoshop is ready and working right now… If only I could find someone with a goat so I could take a photo of it…

Mo K. said:

Oy. I voted for Romney, and felt pretty good about it. I was among a whopping 18,000 (get this — a whole 3.67 percent!) voters who did likewise.
Oh well. I’ll prolly vote for McLame in November. Just had to protest one last time.

The Max Leader is fishing for an invitation to take a picture of my goat.

It ain’t gonna happen.

Ever since the Max Leader took a turn feeding the animals, Benji has been walking funny and gets reeeeeaaaaaal nervous when the Villainmobile arrives at the barn.

I can’t figure out why, but I think it best if I keep the two of them separated.

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