Your Maximum Leader is going to Fenway!

Greetings loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader’s blog on baseball (well, actually about name-calling leading to a exposition on baseball) has caused some positive Karma to flow his way. It seems that I will be travelling to Boston, MA to see Game 4 of the American League Championship Series between the Beloved (yet unfortunate since 1918) Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees brought to you by Lucifer and the denizens of the Ninth Circle of Hell. I am quite excited.

While your Maximum Leader just recently mentioned that he was an Atlanta Braves fan. But, since they are out of it, my loyalties are not in play I am going to be rooting for the Red Sox in this series. I believe that all Americans (at least hose who’s teams are no longer in the running) are rooting for a Red Sox vs. Cubbies World Series. It will be a rematch of the 1918 World Series. It is amazing how baseball is like that. It is such a great sport.

Now, since the game is starting… I must bid you…

Carry on.

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