XXIX Olympiad

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader loves the Olympics. He’s been a real couch potato while watching them on the TV. (Ironic isn’t it?) He’s been watching alone, with the family. He is NBC’s wet dream of Olypmic viewer in fact. He switches from one channel to another during commerical breaks to catch what is going on on another NBC affiliate showing the games.

So did ya catch that opening ceremony?

You know something? No country can do opening ceremonies quite like an autocratic state. What were there 20,000+ performers? It cost some humongus amount of money. You just can’t marshal those resources in an open society where private donations are funding the games. Your Maximum Leader told his Villainettes to pay attention closely. Not only was the opening ceremony interesting, but we’ll not see one quite like it again for a while. (Until another autocratic state gets to host the games.)

Your Maximum Leader was impressed by the lighting of the torch. He still thinks that Antonio Robello did it best in Barcelona in 1992. Remember Robello? (Visual reminder here for you:

As for the competition. How ’bout those American girls in the individual sabre? Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Your Maximum Leader watched the competition. That bronze medal contest was a damned close run thing. The sweep of the medals was great. It filled your Maximum Leader with patriotic pride.

He’s been watching the swimming contests. He thinks that Michael Phelp’s bid to win 8 golds is a long shot, but he seems to have karma going his way now.

What is up with our gymnastics team. They are all 4′11″ blondish and cute. What is Bela Karoly doing to our program?

And allow your Maximum Leader to ask a general question to all of you out there… What is up with Canada? Your Maximum Leader knows they sent a team. He hasn’t seen a Canadian in contention for anything yet. Are our northern neighbors all in track & field or something? One would think that Canada would be a competitive nation in the summer olympics. Hell, the Norwegians are winning medals. So what is up with Canada? Your Maximum Leader wouldn’t mind seeing some silver and bronze going their way. (Your Maximum Leader wants to hog all those gold for his own countrymen/women.)


Your Maximum Leader will be watching again tonight (and every night) for the next two weeks.

Carry on.


I thought the same thing about hte opening ceremonies. I also noticed that the “History” portion omitted any reference to the Cultural Revolution.

As for the women’s Fencing, bit the Gold and Bronze winners are Oregonians.

old school lady said:

On Michael Phelps first place finish in the 100 meter fly:

“We filed the protest but it is already over,” said Branislav Jevtic, Serbia’s chief of mission for all sports. “They examined the video and I think the case is closed. The video says (Phelps) finished first.

“In my opinion, it’s not right, but we must follow the rules. Everybody saw what happened.”

He agrees the video shows Phelps winning but in his opinion it’s not right…? My head hurts.

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